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  1. The aracaris inhabit the warm rainforests of Central or South America – where are typically found high up in the forest canopy.
    Mainly green with touches of bold colour, they range from the lowlands of southern Mexico and Brazil to the high Andes.
    The chestnut-eared aracari is a bird of the western and southern Amazon Basin. The nominate subspecies is the more northerly. It is found from southern and eastern Colombia south through eastern Ecuador to southeastern Peru, east into Brazil along the Amazon to the Rio Negro and Acre and Amazonas states.
    The green aracari, or green araçari (Pteroglossus viridis), is a toucan, a near-passerine bird. It is found in the lowland forests of northeastern South America (the Guiana Shield), in the northeast Amazon Basin, the Guianas and the eastern Orinoco River drainage of Venezuela.
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    An aracari or araçari is any of the medium-sized toucans that, together with the saffron toucanet, make up the genus Pteroglossus. They are brightly plumaged and have enormous, contrastingly patterned bills. These birds are residents in forests and woodlands in the Neotropics. See more

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    The genus Pteroglossus was introduced in 1811 by the German zoologist Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger. The name combines the Ancient Greek pteron meaning "feather" with glōssa meaning "tongue". See more

    Some species of aracaris are unusual for toucans in that they roost socially throughout the year, up to six adults and fledged young … See more

    The ischnoceran louse Austrophilopterus flavirostris is suspected to parasitize most if not all species of aracaris, with the possible exception of the green aracari (Price & Weckstein 2005). See more

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  4. WEBAn attractive small toucan of tropical lowland forest and edge. Usually found in small groups moving through the canopy of fruiting trees or seen flying, one at a time, across clearings and between trees. Flight rather …

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